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John Knox Preschool

A tradition of excellence in a caring Christian atmosphere.Teacher Reading

Telephone: 770-973-5050 Ext 4 or Email:

Open Registration -- All students register in pre-school office.


Preschool Philosophy

John Knox Preschool (JKPS) provides an Early Childhood Education program, which is committed to the total development of each child. We strive to stimulate social, emotional and spiritual growth, as well as provide academic, creative and social challenges. We help children to understand their world through the full use of their senses, feelings, and their intellect. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment, which builds a child’s’ self-esteem, thereby enhancing his potential for learning. We believe each child is a unique individual with his own pattern of growth and development. We strive to maintain a well-rounded program, which provides worthwhile and happy experiences in daily living, while giving each child the opportunity to progress at his own level. We understand that "play" is important in the healthy growth of all children. We believe that children have an active and natural curiosity about the world around them and given opportunities to explore and succeed, they will develop a life-long love of learning.


JKPS is dedicated to making this first venture away from home a safe and happy experience for each child. We believe that we are in partnership with parents in helping each child to develop a love of school and a strong desire to learn.

As a play-based program, our children learn by experience, rather than workbooks & worksheets. There is a balance between free-play [allowing children to make choices] and teacher-directed learning opportunities, between active and quiet play, and indoor and outdoor activities. The Preschool Curriculum is geared to the young child’s rhythm of development and designed to nourish his growth. Learning is a creative life-long process, which for children begins in play and flourishes in wonder, discovery and active involvement in first hand experiences that have meaning for them. School is a place for living and learning age appropriate developmental skills, guided by supportive teachers who work closely with parents.

Individualized learning is stressed in all areas. Developmentally appropriate activities are structured throughout the day, helping each child grow in areas of self-discipline and self-esteem. Our classes play and experience during the day through a variety of learning centers: discovery, science and nature, manipulatives, sensory, dramatic play, building, books, creative art, and directed art.


The Preschool is operated, maintained and governed by the John Knox Presbyterian Church. General oversight of the Preschool is administered by the governing body of the church, known as the session, through the Preschool Committee.

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Daily Classroom Hours

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. All Classes, except PreK 9am - 1pm.

We follow the Cobb County school calendar for the majority of holidays and school closings.


Enrollment in JKPS begins in February for the school year which begins the following August. Rolling enrollment is permitted, when space allows, until January of each school year. A pre-admission interview with each child and a guardian is required prior to enrollment. Proof of birth date is required at registration to determine class placement.


Current fees and terms are available through the Preschool office at the phone number and email address above.


To determine placement for a child, birth dates and developmental milestones are taken into consideration. Class assignment is subject to change based on enrollment and individual assessment. Parents are required to provide a copy of the child's birth certificate or passport. Georgia Immunization Form #3231, obtained at your physician's office or the county Health Dept., must be on file in the Preschool Office within 30 days of the opening of school.


Please call or email the Preschool if you would like to have further information.